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    About back pain ,experts say that thanks to all those studies we know much more about what we don't know than about what we do know!

    Low back pain is on the rise and causes more global disability than any other condition, according to two studies from Australia.We were actually amazed when we typed ?causes of lower back pain? into the Google search box. Over 3,770,000 search results exist!The problem already costs the UK economy £12.3 billion a year, with more than four million working days lost each year as a result of people taking time off with bad backs. Despite spending more than 86 billion dollars a year on treatment for back pain in the United States, Americans continue to struggle with this problem. It has become a national epidemic. Twenty-five years ago, prominent medical doctors called for new ways to diagnose back pain and measure outcomes of treatment. Today, very little has changed. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that Americans with spine problems are worse than ever before.By just glancing at the articles that pop up on the first page yields an enormous amount of facts and figures.but,the treatments aren't always effective. Acupuncture is without question one of the most powerful pain-altering modalities in the world. Its reputation for pain relief is known and respected internationally. It may be practiced successfully with a variety of procedures other than needles, including lasers, electronic and noninvasive stimulation devices for those who are needle-phobic and would not consider acupuncture otherwise. This 58-year-old female patient presented in February 2008, with severe pain of her lower back, right buttock, leg, and foot.The patient's pain began in February 2007, when she slipped on a cleaning in her home,after that,she has been many different treatment including phsiotherapy,osteopathy,chiropracitc,etc,but nothing worked,She also received hydrocodone bitartrate/acetaminophen, which provided minor relief but caused nausea.She described the pain as "cramping, burning, radiating, and squeezing." She said the pain was constant, with an intense ache in her lower back. Pain radiated hot across her hip and buttock, down the posterolateral aspect of her leg to the sole and top of her foot.She was unable to work because of intolerable pain. On physical examination, it was noted that flexion, extension and lateral movements of the spine were all completely normal. However, on palpation of the L4,L5 facet joint there was extreme tenderness, on the right more than the left, examination also showed decreased ankle reflex on the right side. After presentation at my clinic the patient enrolled in zak acupuncture,after first time treatment,patient was with little result. She carried on treatment and received deep and intensive acupuncture in lower back area for approximately 2 months,almost 10 acupuncture sessions in which she had a lot of thick needles put over the tender facet joints,and some regional acupuncture points. On the eleventh session, it was difficult to elicit the previous area of tenderness and the patient felt that the pain had completely resolved. Most low back pain is triggered by some combination of overuse, muscle strain, and injury to the muscles, ligaments, and discs that support the spine. Many experts believe that over time muscle strain can lead to an overall imbalance in the spinal structure. This leads to a constant tension on the muscles, ligaments, bones, and discs, making the back more prone to injury or reinjury.(readmore)Acupuncture is best solution for back pain relief as it is best for decrease inflammation and built up circulation to injuried tissue.

    In contrast to most acupuncturist, I focus first on trying to find a effective option for my patients. Most of the patients I see have a problem that I can solve with a special acupuncture technique.I spend a significant amount of time practicing about new and exciting technologies that have made modern acupuncture technique,one of the fastest growing and most technologically advanced areas in all of Chinese medicine. Although I am sorry that you have to come see me because of your chronic and difficult back pain, take comfort in the fact that I have so much more to offer you to solve your pain successfully than any other time in history. --Zak, MB(1985) MATCM(UK) Please have a look around my website. I hope it helps you learn more about my practice and understand more about your spine.

  • Both acupuncture at Waiguan (SJ5) and sham acupuncture can activate/deactivate several brain regions in patients with ischemic stroke.

    According to research from journal Neural Regeneration Research

    Dr. Ji Qi and co-workers from School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Southern Medical University in China examined the effects of acupuncture on brain function in a pathological context, and compared the effects between Waiguan and sham points in 16 patients with ischemic stroke.

    These findings indicated that the altered specificity of sensation-associated cortex (Brodmann area 5) is possibly associated with a central mechanism of acupuncture at Waiguan for stroke patients.

    Acupuncture therapy for stroke-caused conditions such as paralysis, speech and swallowing problems, and depression is commonly used in China. an acupuncturist is likely to start therapy as soon as possible after a stroke. But 2week wait is necessary for some patient.There is an increase in interest in using acupuncture as a treatment modality for stroke (Ernst & White 1996),and the recent Consensus Development Statement from a panel convened by the US National Institutes of Health to consider the evidence for acupuncture (NIH 1997) finds "positive clinical reports" for its use in this context. It would seem that the evidence to date suggests that acupuncture has a valuable role to play in helping stroke recovery.

  • Smell Acupuncture- Goft To Mankind

    Acupuncture is a way of treatment of Human beings by stimulation of specific points of body skin through heat, pressure, laser or penetration of thin needles. Smell or nose acupuncture is a branch of acupuncture that helps in treating the loss of smelling taste. This loss of smelling taste or smelling disorder was called as Dysosmia and Anosmia or Hyposmia. This Dysosmia was caused because of some viral infections.


    A 55 years old lady was attending the pain clinic for pain in her right hypochondrium. One day she mentioned that she had not been able to smell things for the past two years. She had been investigated by the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) department over the same period. The olfactory testing of her nose was done clinically through smelling lime, apple, banana, strawberry and perfumes with patient's eyes open and close, but there is no positive result, she was also tested in all types of scans, but no use. At that time, a trial of acupuncture was used for her problem. She said that she was willing to try anything.

    Way of treatment:

    That lady was treated in the following ways. Since, Acupuncture involves in finding the specific point on human body to treat the malfunction, Smell Acupuncture treatment works on this basis. The common specific points to treat smell disorders were Ying Tang, LI20 (Yingxiang) on both sides and GL23 (Shangxing). The modern researches proved that smell acupuncture was better than treating with western chemical medicines. The way of treatment starts with examination of nose followed by thirty minutes of acupuncture and massage.

    Working Mechanism of Smell Acupuncture Treatment:

    The LI20 (YingXiang) term refers to 'Welcome Fragrance" in Chinese language. Yin Tang is a local point and is indicated in the treatment of frontal headache, eye disorders, rhinitis, sinusitis and insomnia. LI20 is indicated in nasal obstruction and loss of sense of smell. Needling LI20, in traditional terms helps the lung to perform its dispersing function, so that the nose can smell fragrance. GV23 (Shangxing) was used as a local point for the nose and over frontal sinus treatments. This Smell Acupuncture stimulates or pressurizes these local points to activate the smelling mechanism in human body.


    Smell Acupuncture not involve in surgery.​
    Smell Acupuncture is a non-chemical or chemical less treatment that will not cause any side effects.
    Smell Acupuncture involves only through external treatment, that patients can keep watch on their body without anxiety.
    Smell Acupuncture was economical in cost in considering with western type of medical treatments.
    Smell Acupuncture works only on specific points in triggering the malfunction part of the body without disturbing your whole body.
    Smell Acupuncture was easy to take treatment and you treatment starts earlier and ends earlier at no extra cost.

    Conclusion: So, this Chinese way of Smell Acupuncture helps the man kind and itís a gift of nature. Man can also get treatment in a natural way which was proved by this smell acupuncture. Make way for Smell Acupuncture and Make way for your good health. Also ensure that you have your EHIC card ready.
    "Amber Rosh is a passionate blogger, living in UK. She writes on behalf of EHIC-UK. She loves to write as a guest blogger with interest in Travel, Health and Automotive."

  • BBC Radio 5 Live tomorrow lunchtime from 12.15 - 12.45 pm, the Shelagh Fogarty show about Chinese medicine and NHS


    BBC Radio 5 Live tomorrow lunchtime from 12.15 - 12.45 pm, the Shelagh Fogarty show, talking about Chinese medicine and NHS.

    This is because of Mr Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary's statement. He, who in answer to MP Mr David Tredinnick's question "In your travels to the People's Republic of China, what have you learnt about the integration of Western medicines with traditional Chinese medicine?", he said that "What I've learnt is that the most important thing is to follow the scientific evidence and where there is good evidence for the impact of Chinese medicine then we should look at that but where there isn't we shouldn't spend NHS money on it."

    Please join this conversation .

    Earlier this year AXA PPP International added Chinese herbal medicine to its outpatient cover, saying there was growing interest in the international market for this type of treatment.Health regulators last year issued a warning over some Chinese medicines amid concerns that they can contain dangerously high levels of lead, mercury and arsenic. Some traditional Chinese medicines also contain traces of endangered animals.

  • Shocking case report: a Korean woman nearly be killed by wrong acupuncture treatment

    According to new report from Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2014

    A 48-year-old korean woman was brought to the emergency department due to hypotension and drowsiness. She had a history of left mastectomy followed by chemotherapy due to breast cancer seven years ago. Otherwise her past medical history was unremarkable. She suddenly developed bradycardia, syncope and became comatose about 10 minutes after an acupuncture session, in which a needle was inserted into the left anterior parasternal area at the level of the 4th intercostal space by a professional acupuncturist. Immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed successfully and the patient was transferred to our hospital. On physical examination, she had jugular venous distension with distant heart sound. Systolic blood pressure was 50 mmHg with a heart rate of 120 bpm. After rapid administration of intravenous normal saline with inotropic agents, blood pressure was restored up to 90/60 mmHg. Transthoracic echocardiogram revealed a moderate amount of pericardial effusion with early diastolic collapse of the right atrium which was predominantly placed beyond the left ventricle and a computed tomogram demonstrated a pericardial fluid collection around the heart . Under the presumptive diagnosis of traumatic hemopericardium, the patient underwent emergent pericardial drainage via pericardiocentesis. But emergent cardiac surgery was decided because active bleeding was not stopped. After median sternotomy, a large amount of clotted material was evacuated from the pericardial cavity. A tiny perforating hole that was continuously oozing blood was noted in the anterior wall of the right ventricular outflow tract. The lesion was directly sutured without the need for cardiopulmonary bypass. The postoperative course was uneventful and she was discharged four days after the operation.

    Dear acupuncturist: Do you know the distance from the surface of the skin to the anterior surface of heart was estimated to be only about 13Ė19 mm, even an experienced acupuncturist might penetrate the cardiac chamber or the coronary arteries with acupuncture needles (which are 30 mm in length)

    Ernst says that studies of acupuncture in other countries and in the UK outside the NHS have revealed 86 deaths after acupuncture between 1965 and 2009, most of them from lung collapse. Another risk, he says, is to the 6 per cent of people who naturally have a hole in their breastbone, near an acupuncture point. The hole is covered with ligaments, so a doctor cannot feel it. "Acupuncture needles go right through and penetrate the membranes around the heart," with lethal effect, says Ernst.

    Acupuncture isn't risk free, even treatment from "professional acupuncturist".

  • News--Prof Han Jisheng receives an international award in Chinese medicine

    This news from Beijing university website. Thank you for this

    On March 27th, the award ceremony of The Second Cheung OnTak International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Medicine was held in Hong Kong Baptist University. Professor Han Jisheng, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was presented with this honor.

    Cheung OnTak International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Medicine was set up in 2011 by Hong Kong Baptist University in recognition of the scholars who have made great contributions towards the internationalization or groundbreaking research of Chinese medicine. The award provides one or two winners with HK $500,000 in prize money every two years in order to promote modernization and internalization of the Chinese medicine.

    As the winner of the award this year, Professor Han Jisheng attended the ceremony and delivered a speech on his research and experience in acupuncture. He has been devoted to this field for decades since 1965 and made great progress capturing worldwide attention. In his speech, Professor Han also reviewed the national policy on integrative Chinese and western medical study of acupuncture. Besides, he envisioned the application of acupuncture and put forward his advice to promote the therapy worldwide. He expressed his gratitude to the cooperative colleagues and students in Neurosciences Institute of Health Science Center, Peking University.

    Professor Han was especially grateful to Cheung OnTak. He decided to set up an annual financial support, based on this prize income, for authors with excellent papers in Chinese Journal of Pain Medicine.

    Written by: Li Ruiqi
    Edited by: Choisum Kwok
    Source: PKU News (Chinese)

  • Chinese researchists found that acupuncture at Dazhui and Baihui can prevent brain cell apoptosis in heroin readdicted rats

    While there are still many unanswered questions about the basic mechanisms of acupuncture, some evidence exists to suggest that acupuncture can play an important role in reducing reinforcing effects of abused drugs.Only a few experiments using animal models have been performed to determine the basic mechanisms underlying acupuncture's effectiveness in the treatment of drug addiction. Unfortunately, very little is known about the effects of acupuncture in a situation where drugs of abuse are used on a chronic basis and how chronic use of drug effects both neurochemical and behavioral changes.

    So what is new?

    A research team from Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China pointed out that cell apoptosis was observed in the hippocampus and frontal lobe of heroin readdicted rats by electron microscopy, and immunohistochemical staining displayed a reduction in Bcl-2 expression and an increase in Bax expression in the hippocampus and frontal lobe. The researchers from this team found that acupuncture at Dazhui and Baihui can prevent brain cell apoptosis in heroin readdicted rats, which exerted a similar effect with methadone, a commonly used drug for the clinical treatment of drug addiction.

    These results provided clear evidence for the biological effects of acupuncture and It has provided a partial mechanism for the neuroprotective effect of acupuncture on brain cell death in heroin readdicted rats that ultimately may help us to understand how acupuncture can be used to treat abused drug

    Hou XR, Zhang RJ, Lv H, Cai XH, Xie GC, Song XG. Acupuncture at Baihui and Dazhui reduces brain cell apoptosis in heroin readdicts. Neural Regen Res. 2014;9(2):164-170.

    Related news:

    A research team from Anhui University of Chinese Medicine in China conducted their study on rats to verify the relationship between acupuncture, neurotrophic factor expression and brain cell structural changes and found that the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor also increased in the ventral tegmental area following acupuncture. The study, which suggested that acupuncture protects brain neurons against injury with heroin relapse by promoting brain-derived neurotrophic factor and glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor expression, was published in the Neural Regeneration Research.

  • Acute Lumbar Sprain? Which therapist you going to see?

    Acute Lumbar Sprain : It is marked by a sudden, severe pain in the lumbar area with limited flexion of the trunk and squatting. In isolated cases, the patient might experience the feeling of being choked by the above movements. They are including a muscle strain happens when the muscle is over-stretched or torn, resulting in damage to the muscle fibers (also called a pulled muscle).And lumbar sprain happens when ligaments are stretched too far or torn. Ligaments are very tough, fibrous connecting tissues that connect the muscles to the bones and joints.

    So, when it is happened ,what treatment is the best?

    Acupuncture is the answer!

    According to study was done in the medical college of TCM, Gansu province, China, to study the affect of acupuncture in the treatment of lumbar sprain. A total of 238 patients were randomised into a treatment group (112 patients) and a control group (126 patients).

    The Yanglao (SI 6) point is located by pressing the left thumb of the acupuncturist on the patientís healthy hand and the tibial tuberosity in such a way that the palm is facing downward. Then, the acupuncturistís arm is rotated so that his palm is facing upward. The place where his thumb is should be the Yanglao point. With the needle pointing at this point, it was rapidly pierced to a depth of 0.5-1.0 can, and then twisted for 30-60 seconds to obtain response. It was retained for 10-20 minutes. This point is treated only once.

    In most patients, the pain is immediately relieved. The patient is instructed to move his body voluntarily during this treatment. After relief of pain, the Ashi point is treated by rapid piercing of the deep muscle (1.5-2.5 cun). Finally, moxibustion is given at the same site for 10-15 minutes.Chinese research found :After one treatment, the lumbar pain completely disappeared, tenderness relieved by 80 per cent, leading to free and unlimited squatting.However, in convention treatment group marked relief in pain was observed, tenderness reduced by 70 per cent, leading to unlimited movement.

    In Chinese medicine, we have a saying: pain means no flow, flow means no pain. Acute strain or sprain of a muscle or joint causes the body to reflexively tense in an position that minimizes pain. The tension results in a restriction of blood flow to an from the injured area; this results in accumulation of metabolic wastes and deficiency of nutrition to the injured tissues.Acupuncture for back pain due to injury focuses on releasing the tension, reducing inflammation, and increasing blood flow through the injured area.

  • Chinese scientists found that acupuncture was more effective than oral antidepressants in improving depressive

    According to Chinese research which has been published in Neural Regeneration Research.

    When the issue is psychological the cure can be also and so a new epidemiological analysis from China compared the clinical efficacy of acupuncture/electroacupuncture with oral antidepressants in improving depressive symptoms. The authors found that acupuncture was more effective than oral antidepressants in improving depressive symptoms and produced fewer side effects than tricyclic antidepressants.

    Prof. Yong Huang and the team from Southern Medical University in China compared the clinical efficacy ofacupuncture/electroacupuncture with the antidepressant drug Seroxat alone and in combination with acupuncture using the Symptom Checklist-90. They determined that administration of Seroxat alone or in combination with acupuncture/electroacupuncture can produce a significant effect in patients with primary unipolar depression.

    They also found that acupuncture/electroacupuncture had a rapid onset of therapeutic effect and produces a noticeable improvement in obsessive-compulsive, depressive and anxiety symptoms.

    Last year research by the British Acupuncture Council and the charity Anxiety UK, revealed that only 10 per cent of sufferers use acupuncture to deal with their anxiety, whereas almost half (49.2 per cent) are prescribed medication.

    Experts have always disagreed about the benefits of acupuncture, even though there are currently 15,000 doctors and physiotherapists delivering it on the NHS.

  • How to find good fertility acupuncturist in southwest London?

    One of my patient sent email to me few months ago.She wrote: My friends tell me about how acupuncture can help fertility , but they themselves aren't suffering from infertility problem and I want to know if anyone here had positive result from it. I went see a couple of acupuncturist in southwest London near where I live in the past but they are either very expensive or doesn't work.... Can you tell me how to find reputable infertility acupuncturist in London?

    Well,It is very common question for menu women patients .Most people rely on personal references to find a good acupuncturist. It is best way to do. But what do you do when you donít know anyone with firsthand knowledge of London acupuncturists? Here some tip may help you.

    A: Who is real fertility acupuncturist? Not every acupuncturist is trained or experienced in fertility issues. We suggests that you ask what their training in fertility treatment is. Especially since some acupuncture points are contraindicated after embryo transfer and during pregnancy, because of the risk of miscarriage, it's vital your acupuncturist knows what he or she is doing. The first step to finding a good acupuncturist is to figure out who's acupuncture is best suited to your potential fertility diagnosis. If youíre not sure which one specializes in treating infertility ,start with a GP first.

    B. Check out the acupuncturists :Clinic location(s) Educational background;Specialty interests; Languages spoken:Years in practice
    Review CV if available

    C. Make an appointment and think about something after consultation
    Did your acupuncturist explain everything clearly?Did your acupuncturist seem to care about you? Do you trust your acupuncturist to be thorough with follow up? Do you like your acupuncturist?

    Of course ,If your acupuncturist did not meet your expectations in any significant way, find another one.Reward good acupuncturists with good online recommendations so others can benefit.

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