Most episodes of back pain will get better in a few days, but sometimes the reason for back pain can be more serious. You should call your doctor if you have a new episode of back pain and:

You are over 50 years old or less than 20 years old
You have symptoms of fever or chills, or have had a recent infection
You have chest pain along with your back pain
You have been in a traumatic accident or have had a fall
You have shooting pain that goes down into your leg or arm
You have weakness in the leg or arm, or loss of sensation that is getting worse
You lose control of your bladder or bowel, or have numbness in the genital area
You have unexplained weight loss along with your back pain
You have nausea and vomiting or trouble breathing
You have osteoporosis
You have had cancer
You have any condition affecting the immune system
Your pain gets noticeably worse when you lay down, or is worse at night
You have had recent medical procedures
You have new back pain that simply does not improve over time

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