Acupuncture is most useful for back pain relief,how it is going?There are new research release:

Generally speaking, no expert would administer fewer than 6 treatments, omit Ahshi points, restrict needle insertion to 1 cm or less, or adhere solely to fixed points for all patients.

For the first time it has been shown that there is a broad consistency in fundamental aspects of Chinese acupuncture for cLBP across different kinds of practitioners and different countries.

This research publish in Germany (J Altern Complement Med. 2008 Oct 28)

In zak's opinion,General acupuncture have limited results for chronic lower back pain.

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A 37yr old man with severe back pain in the morning, so much so that patient can't walk up right and if i try too the pain in his lower back/muscle's doubles him over again, if he persist with it after a couple of hours it can subside but not allways, if he stand in one place for to long it can lock up on me again, he's had this problem so a long time now and been through so many diff' styles of mattress ,

Zak said:It sounds like what you're describing is soft tissue (ligment ,tendon,etc) injuries around your spine, which can become worse over time. Given the severity of your pain and the functional limitations it's now placing on you, it probably is time to consult with a your local physician or reputable medical acupuncturist. Deep tissue massage and deep,intensive needles can help.I think.