Vitiligo is a skin acquired limitations depigmentation of the skin. The disease of the major clinical manifestations : size limitations clearly on the verge of Depigmentation plaque lesions, lesions can be gray hair Department without any symptoms after exposure to a burning itch. The disease of unknown etiology, easy consultation refractory.
Acupuncture treatment of vitiligo in modern literature, until the 1980s before coming one after another. Not only have domestic Part clinical articles published abroad (Sri Lanka), the doctors also used acupuncture to cure Zhi case law vitiligo patients [1]. Currently, the treatment of vitiligo acupuncture point stimulation applied fairly broad, including moxibustion, skin Needle Tapping, ear acupuncture and Auricular pressure pills, object-embedding, acupuncture and electromagnetic therap

Auricular Pressure Pill
(1) Points
Main Points : Fei, Neifenmi, Shenshangxian, Shenmen.
Distribution Points; Ashi, Ge, Pizhixia, Yuanzhong, Jiaogan.
Ashi Point location : white skin

In a new study, researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit say they followed 23 patients for as long as six months after surgery, which involves transplanting skin cells from one part of the patient to another.

Patients regained an average of about 52% of their missing natural skin color in treated areas; eight patients with one specific type of vitiligo gained an average of 74%.

People with vitiligo "may have natural protection against skin cancer