One patient said :"I havenít used it personally, but I have heard of people that have gotten relief from acupuncture. I would suggest getting a consultation from a local Acupuncturist to see what they can and canít do for you. It wouldnít help much if one in my area could help you if none of the ones in your area canít Good luck!" And Scientists are beginning to find out why people with Parkinson's disease often feel socially awkward. Parkinson's patients find it harder to recognize expressions of emotion in other people's faces and voices, report two new studies.

Does acupuncture really help Parkinson's disease?

In China, it has been estimated that there are more than 2.0 million people suffering from Parkinson's disease, which is currently becoming one of the most common chronic neurodegenerative disorders during recent years. For many years, scientists have struggled to find new therapeutic approaches for this disease.While Parkinsonís disease cannot be completely cured, regular acupuncture treatments can offer success in the control of symptoms and in slowing or halting the progression of the disease, depending on the type. The sooner treatment is begun after onset, the more success treatment may have. Acupuncture can complement Western medical treatment for Parkinsonís disease and help to improve the quality of life of those suffering from the disease. Acupuncture can also help with the associated symptoms of Parkinsonís disease. People with Parkinsonís often also suffer from depression, sleep problems, urinary problems, and constipation, and acupuncture has shown positive results in all of these areas. While Parkinsonís is a complex disease, acupuncture can help to improve quality of life and overall health to better manage the condition.

Now a recent study in the journal Movement Disorders demonstrates that acupuncture does indeed activate areas in the brain that are normally responsible for movement and that are typically not functioning normally in PD. Specifically the authors used functional magnetic resonance imaging to study brain effects of acupuncture at acupoint GB34óa site traditionally used to improve motor functioning. The investigators found that when the left GB34 acupoint was stimulated, brain activity in the putamen and the motor cortex-two key motor function areas that are impaired in PD, demonstrated a significant correlation with the degree of the enhanced motor function (a finger tapping task) associated with acupuncture treatment in the patients with PD. The findings indicate that acupuncture stimulation can consistently influence those brain regions that are known to be impaired in PD.

New research by Peninsula Medical School was released,their conclution is the evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating PD is not convincing. The number and quality of trials as well as their total sample size are too low to draw any firm conclusion. Further rigorous trials are warranted(1).

Traditional TCM theory:A middle-aged and older occurred in the substantia nigra and the nigrostriatal pathway degenerative diseases. For a slow movement, muscle rigidity and tremors as the main clinical features. Tremor more from the side limbs, gradually expanding and body; Because of increased muscle tone, expressed as "lead pipe" or "gear" for ankylosis; Kai-step difficulties, panic gait, and forming a mask-like face. The main pathological disease Although qualitative change for the black, but the disease has not yet specified reasons. Currently, Western medical science can use drugs can improve symptoms, but can not stop the disease course. Using scalp acupuncture treatment and obtain a certain effect, acupuncture is gaining industry attention. Since the 1980s to date, the acupuncture treatment paralysis agitans many of the clinical article.
1, electro-acupuncture -- Points
Main Points : Naokong
Distribution Point :Qianding.Baihui,Chengling,Xuanlu,Tianchong,Tongtian
2, Scalp --- Points
Main Points : Dance tremor zone.
Points allocation : sports zone, listen zone
3, the body acupuncture --- Points
Main Points : Sishenchong,Fengchi,Jiache,Qvchi,Hegu,Yanglingquang,Taichong
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(1)Mov Disord. 2008 Aug 15;23(11):1505-15


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Deep brain stimulation dramatically improves Parkinson's disease symptoms such as trembling and slowness of movement, offering hope to many with the incurable ailment, researchers said on Tuesday.(source:06/01/2009)

Parkinson's patients who use alternative treatments such as vitamins and acupuncture are more likely to be younger, more educated and have higher incomes than patients who don't use alternative treatments,(souce:September 11 issue of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology)

Implanting a pacemaker-like device deep in the brain helps some Parkinson's disease patients move better, but could less risky zapping of the spinal cord work instead? It did in mice and rats nearly immobilized with Parkinson's-like symptoms: Scientists at Duke University Medical Center turned on the electricity and videotaped the rodents immediately scurrying around almost like normal.

A new study reports that one in six patients receiving therapeutic doses of certain drugs for Parkinson's disease develops new-onset, potentially destructive behaviors, notably compulsive gambling or hypersexuality