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My brother-in-law was diagnosed with CAUDA EQUINA SYNDROME about three months ago and was operated on within a very short time. He now undergoes hydro-therapy twice a week and my wife gives him a TUINA treatment once a week. He still suffers from drop foot and no feeling in his left foot. In the other foot he has no feeling in the sole of his foot. He only has partial control of his bladder. The evalution of disease? Can you recommend if Acupuncture can help to rehabilitate him and improve his condition?We would be most grateful for your advice and/or recommendation.

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Most of the time, cauda equina syndrome is due to a herniated disc; therefore, the treatment of choice will likely be spinal decompression surgery, probably a discectomy.

Once your cauda equina syndrome diagnosis is confirmed by your doctor, and if your MRI shows that the cause of the pressure on the cauda equina is reversible, at that point, surgery may make the most sense as an immediate treatment option.

With that said, sometimes emergency surgery is required to enable you to avoid permanent dysfunction of your lower extremity (or extremities) as well as your bladder, bowel or sexual functioning.

Thank you for your email! It's serious condition,Cauda equina syndrome is a condition that is familiar to all of us, yet the literature on it is lacking. This highlights the need for prospective case series to specifically record both the etiology and clinical presentation of this condition.This definition suggests that in patients suspected of having CES, careful questioning regarding bladder/bowel function should be performed, in addition to detailed neurological examination, including sensory assessment of the perineal region and lower limb, reflexes, and anal tone. Suspicion of CES warrants immediate referral to an emergency care facility. so It depend on stage of your brother's condition.Compression or inflammation of the nerves roots can cause symptoms of pain, altered reflexes, decreased strength, and decreased sensation. Although these symptoms can become severe, and in some cases disabling, most are self-limiting and respond to conservative care.

"In the other foot he has no feeling in the sole of his foot" ,it tell us that his nerves seem didn't completely damaged,so you should go to doctor and ASAP.

If your doctor agree with your acupuncture visiting,I strongly suggest your brother go to see experienced practitioner Main Acupoint: L4-L5 Jiaji,L5-S1Jiaji, Huantiao, Zusanli. electro-acupuncture 2-15Hz .30min/day once a day.

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