Gout is not a particularly glamorous illness. It does not get a lot of exposure like cancer so it also does not get a lot of research into finding a cure. So if you suffer from gout you probably do not get the attention you need. Despite this the illness is still dangerous and many times intolerable to live with. In this article I will share a few things that you can do to treat your goat. I know that you are suffering so I hope this will be of some help to you.

Most people do not fully understand what causes gout or how dangerous it can in fact be. This is a result of not having a lot of research or exposure. Gout is essentially the buildup of uric acid in the articular cartilage of joints, tendons, and tissues. This buildup causes inflammation which can result in sever pain. When left untreated this can result in sever tissue damage. Your chances of getting this disease are increased by drinking too much alcohol, consuming too much red meat, or consuming too much fish with chemicals called purines.

Common treatments for gout do exist. The issue with these types of medical treatments is that most of them have side effects. Many of these side effects are harmful themselves. The treatments include shots of corticosteroids and other prescription medications. For quick gout relief you can purchase pain killers like Ibuprofen over the counter. DO NOT take any aspirin because it can actually make your symptoms worse. Your family doctor can prescribe you medicine that may help to reduce the uric acid buildup.

Like I said earlier these treatments have side effects. Sometimes these side effects even seem to be worse then the gout itself. There are better ways for gout treatment. The best way is to make changes to your diet. You should avoid foods that beverages with a lot of alcohol. You need to avoid red meat and fish. You should also make sure that you are drinking plenty of water.

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Here is the agency's list of possible gout symptoms:

Sudden swelling of one or several joints -- often in the knee, ankle or big toe.
Pain that strikes at night and can be severe, throb, or feel like the joint is being crushed.
Heat and redness in the joint, along with extreme tenderness.
A fever that accompanies joint pain.

Eating cherries can reduce the risk of gout attacks in people with the disease by more than a third, a study shows.