I read one of your mesages after searching for answers to my problem which sounded very similar to hers in which she had shooting pains in vagina,soreness sitting pain in rectum. Well I hope you are ready for it because here is my story. Sorry for the length but it has been 6 months so far:

Went to ..... and this guy stretched me in this bar. basically he cracked my head from right to left then lifted me as if he is behind me and im in front standing in the same direction. He basically pulled me to the right and backwrds and I am sure this is where I got my injury from but after reading about this can come about from too much sitting and as I had flown halfway around the world in 6 weeks I started thinking. so Im going to make it simpler by doiung it in bullet form:

April 25th- This guy stretches me
April 28th-Started to get discomfort in scrotum and rectum like a stinging to aching sensation but never constant.Also need to urinate more frequently.
May 8th-back home with same symptoms
May 25th-Get a frozen shoulder-cannot move head left or right but resolved by massgae in 1 day.
May29th-Now pain down legs-like tingling burning but not dehibilatating.Also severe stomach aches.upper abdomen.
Lots of wind.
June05th-Went to chiropractor told hime about pain in legs-he did pelvic and back adjustment.
June 14th-Still no better but getting worse but now shhoting pains down legs,penis and burning feeling on whole bottom area when driving the car. Soon as I get out feeling stratred to subside but still painful.
June20th-Started to get severe twitching all over body, spasms and charlies horse-all body jerking.
June 28th-Went to see a trigger point therapist on advice- Funny thing all this other pain but rectum pain,scrotum pain not there.
by this time due to spasms all over body my back was severely hurting-extremely stiff low back so he treated me for sciatic problem.
July 24th- Had not driven for a month as so unwell-aching all over.TPT cannot figure out what is going on. Then one day I realise that pain is worse when sittinbg so I stopeed sitiing. Within 2 days pain level down to 25% of original. August 5-Told TPT this and he had good look at glutes and found four tears in left gluteus maximus. Applied massage oil of different tpes over 4 week period.
Sep 5th
Told now to sit by TPT but again got sciatic like pain down legs,buttocks. 10days later tried again this time no sciatic like pain in legs just felt like a weak glute(left). However got massive stabbing in scrotum.

September 24th- Not sat on left glute for another 3 weeks but now pain in scrotum and rectum is back,again not constant just comes and goes but painful.

October 10th-Sat down and no scaitic like burning pain in legs but pain in buttocks still there and feels worse in rectum,scrotum. And remeber that first few weeks after the injury of urine urgency-well thats back aswell. Why has that come back it wasnt evident in July when pain got into legs.

So now where are we: Basically the pain in rectum and scrotum area still there and the need to go to loo. also lower back stiffens up like hell if I have sat aswell as the upper abdomen pain-like an ache, only when sitting.

Seems a lot worse when sitting on a thick leather sofa which encomapasses the whole glute. Sitting on right glute is ok as always has been. Sitting on a firm surface produces no pain. Spasms still there but knowhere near as bad. Body still jerking like individual limbs such as leg and arm. Always when I am totally realxed. Worse than all of this is that I use to be so active working 14 hour days, now can hardly work as am getting worried about situation. Don't want to be an invalid and to be honest have been getting bad thoughts about suicide. Waking up at silly times of the night sweating and the first thing I think about is how will I get out of this mess then cant get to sleep because im worrying about it.

My TPT is very understanding and says that it will just take time to heal but i see so many forums where people have something similar and they have had it for years.

Must point out that MRI scan on spine showed nothing-no herniations. Am going to see a nuerolgist. What interested me in your reply to this lady was that her condition was due to soft tissue damage-now does this mean there is also nerve damage? How long does that kind of thing take to repair.

Lastly I fogot to tell you-On October 23rd for some reason I felt really good-maybe because I hadn't been sitting for so long and I was desperate to find out which movements replicated the pain. So stupidly I did a squat and felt an almight click at the botom of my back. 3 Days later i started to get the most severest spasms-my whole body was shuddering.That has calmed down now and my TPT thinks that that sort of thundering click like I described might have meant that I put something back in its place and why I am no longer getting sciatic pain.

Finally I know this is a very long synopsis but I thought it best to say everything. I am just looking for a way out of this nightmare. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

I have found that MRI's show most of the key information on bone and soft tissue damage but at a gross level. They often don't show up localised inflammation too well and from your history I think there may well be someting else happening in or around your spine other than disc herniation. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) thought that testicle and liver are closely related, its ache is concern with illnesses of liver route . Regarding to descending of heat and damp type of pain, it is treated by eliminating heat and damp as well as stopping of pain. Regarding to cold and moist stagnant type, the treatment is warming of the liver, eliminating cold , dissociates moist , regulates flow of Qi (vital energy). The stagnation of flow of Qi and blood are treated by invigorating the blood to dispe

I have a test on a web site that will indicate if the problem is inside your spine or outside and therfore if acupuncture will work or not (acupuncture will only work on the outside of the spine) go here:
and see if the problem is outside - if it is I can probably help.

The final thing is that this is clearly a complex case and far more tsting than just a soft-tissue injury which is why you are getting no relief with your current therapies. So, if you are not far from Bristol or London then please bring it in to me and I can see if I can't help solve this challenging case.

Below the lumbar spine is a bone called the sacrum, which makes up the back part of the pelvis. Five bones fused together comprise a single bone called the sacrum. This bone is shaped like a spade that fits between the two halves of the pelvis, connecting the spine to the lower half of the body.
The iliac bones are part of the pelvis and the sacrum is connected to this part of the pelvis by the sacroiliac joints. Pain here is often called sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and is more common in women than men.
The coccyx is at the very bottom of the spine (also called the "tailbone"). It consists of 3-5 fused bones at the base of the back that don't move. Pain here is called coccydynia and is more common in women than men.