I suffer from hay fever every year, and my symptoms have worsened. I've used many different treatments in the past, and would like to try something new. Is acupuncture worth a try, or anything else?

Hay fever is a type of allergic rhinitis caused by pollen or spores. Allergic rhinitis is a condition where an allergen (something that causes an allergic reaction) makes the inside of your nose inflamed (swollen).hay fever is caused by the immune system’s super- sensitivity to allergy triggers called allergens.If you suffer from a mood disorder and hay fever, don't be surprised if your mood worsens when pollen season rolls around.Preliminary research shows that people with depression or bipolar disorder who are allergic to tree or ragweed pollen experience worse depression when exposed to that allergen.

Carbon dioxide emissions may be raising pollen counts in European cities, according to a continent-wide study.

In the case of hay fever, it is often aggravated by a pathogen, which causes problems in the respiratory system, and acupuncture uses needles to restore the normal functioning of this system.Because of the way acupuncture can calm a hyper-sensitive immune system, the time to go for a treatment is two to three months before the start of the hay fever season, thus reducing, and eventually completely alleviating allergic reaction in the future. This is particularly important for those teenagers and students who have major exams looming.

1,Cold acupuncture: Dashu, Gaohuang, Fengmen,Pishu,Feishu,Shenshu.
2,General acupuncture: Common use:Yintang,Bitong
Support point:Baihui, Yingxiang,Hegu,Fengchi
Reference: Walesonline, Chinese acupoint,etc

Sometimes confused with the common cold, allergies are reactions to certain stimuli such as pollen or dust. Roughly 20% of all North Americans experience allergic reactions of some type. Allergies arise when the body is trying to rid itself of a given substance. Allergies can begin in childhood or adulthood, and either last a lifetime or decrease over time. In some cases, symptoms can be alleviated with acupuncture.

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So, I decided to find out whether acupuncture could help spell the end of itchy eyes, snuffly nose and sore throat. Although there's limited scientific proof, studies have shown that sufferers receiving acupuncture found their symptoms were eased and used less medication. And compared to the alternative, I was willing to try almost anything.

Ideally you should start treatment before the beginning of the hayfever season........ Read more