Read this story ,I feel really sorry for milions back pain patients

After four years of chronic pain Amanda Duffy was desperate.

Doctors had tried everything - steroids, opiate painkillers, anti-depressants, anti-epilespy drugs, bone grafts, spinal injections and even a full body cast - yet nothing could relieve her terrible lower back and leg pain.

These are the lots of difficult cases. They may already have been to other pain management clinics without success - the average patient referred to the unit has had pain for 10 years and has tried around six different treatments without finding a solution.

There are lots of misleading treatment around country

Idea of modern medicine: if the disk settled, nerve was compressed, thus causing pain. The application of Zak acupuncture is not possible to lift the oppression of the nerve, why the patient has returned to health? This is because modern medicine on the theory of disk problem is incorrect.

Zak believe disc degeneration is physiological and ageing problem, not the disease, and therefore can not cause pain, pressure slowly nerve, the ability of nerves against the pressure is very strong. it is not easy to wake dysfunction and paralysis, and it does not cause pain. Made to suffer in the spinal canal outside with aseptic inflammation of adipose tissue, the chemical stimulus in the peripheral nerve, this is the real cause of the pain of the disc. The pain and disc herniation is not related to oppression. Therefore, it can be said that disc herniation - a diagnosis is wrong

Many patient wouder that why Zak acupuncture work?if you read my website carefully,you can find what's my techniques....

New Chinese research about "acupuncture for nerve root local inflammatory factors in the lumbar nerve root compress" may tell you something about this techniques.The 6th Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University did this research,thanks to them.

OBJECTIVE: To explore the mechanism of acupuncture for treatment of lumbar nerve root compression injury. METHODS: Fifty healthy SD rats were randomly divided into 5 groups, a normal group, a model group treated by saline, a medication group treated with Caerulein, an acupuncture group treated with acupuncture at L5, L6 Jiaji (EX-B 2) and a warm needle group treated with acupuncture and moxibustion at L5, L6 Jiaji (EX-B 2). The lumbar nerve root compress injury model was made by placing microsilica gel tablet. After they were treated for 14 days, the compressed nerve root was taken and the ultra-microstructure changes of the injured nerve root were observed by electron microscope and changes of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) expressions were investigated by ELISA assay. RESULTS: The changes of ultra-microstructure of the nerve root were the most obvious in the model group and the changes in the medication group, the acupuncture group and the warming needle group reduced in order; the NOS activity and CGRP content in the nerve root tissue of the compressed area in the warm needle group were significantly reduced as compared with the model group (P <0.05), but with no significant difference as compared with those in the normal group (P > 0.05). CONCLUSION: Warm needle treatment can effectively maintain cellular form, and ultra-microstructures of nerve root dorsal root ganglia, and effectively inhibit the release of inflammatory factors NOS and CGRP

Researchers from Baskent University Hospital and the Alanya Research Center, both in Antalya, Turkey, show facet joint effusion (the collection of fluid in the spinal joints) and interspinal ligament edema (swelling of the interspinal ligaments) are the most common sources of such's similar idea with Zak acupuncture theory.

"The most common imaging findings in patients with lower back pain were soft tissue changes, mainly facet joint effusion, 85.5 percent, and interspinal ligament swelling, 80.6 percent," said Dr. Nefise Cagla Tarhan, lead author of the study.

Soft tissue changes are important in the understanding of lower back pain and prevention and treatment options should focus more on these changes

That's why Zak acupuncture so effective to chronic back pain treatment.

Patientr Zak,I would be interested in starting off with how you first became interested in back pain?

Zak: I became interested in back pain when I became a military doctor in Chinese army hospital. I was exposed to large numbers of people with back pain.After a few years working with the conventional treatments, I came to the conclusion that there was something terribly wrong, because a lot of my patients are still in pain.I found that large numbers of people in whom the pain was being attributed to some structural abnormality actually just had soft tissue inflammation.

Patient: Are the soft tissue inflammation that lead to back pain, very common?

Zak: Yes,It is more than back pain. it also can lead to neck pain,shoulder pain,knee pain ,hip pain,ankle pain,etc.

Patient: What about the physiology?

Zak. What is actually causing the pain in these people is not the herniated disc, or some of those other structural things, but a condition of soft tissue inflammation due to chronic injuries, which can lead to chemical stimulation in particular area. This stimulation is what causes pain in back.

Patient: Are you saying that this inflamed soft tissue is the underlying cause for all back pain?

Zak: Yes. and If soft tissue inflammation involves a tendon around the knee, the patient will have a painful tendon there.
, Shoulder pain is also very common now,reason is same.

Patient: According to your theory, structural abnormalities don't even contribute to the condition.But,About the disc surgery, why do many cases have analgesic effects of different degrees?

Zak: In many cases I've concluded that they have nothing to do with the problem. Everyone else had bulges, herniations of various kinds, and so on, and yet no pain. About the surgery of spinal soft tissue damage , it's mainly because that disc surgery surgeons unconsciously incise and strip those damage sites where the muscle and fascia are connected to the bone and also where pain comes from. And about mixed spinal soft tissue damage, the surgeons also unwittingly release adipose tissue lesions located on epidural and outside of nerve sheath. But because the release is incomplete, in most cases ,It can only achieve the analgesic effect without truly and effectively curing pain, even if such analgesia is achieved, it's merely because that the soft tissue lesions are released, not because disc is taken out. Disc surgery only has short-term satisfactory effects, and in most cases there are various degrees of ease after operation, or in some cases ,the pain temporarily disappears. However, the long-term effect would be very poor, it's easy to relapse after two years. It's therefore being named :Failed Back Surgery Syndrome(FBSS) in the international meeting.

Patient: This is a very different approach from other back-pain professionals.

Zak: Yes, it is. it's important to make the right diagnosis. If you make the wrong diagnosis,it will hard to get relief.

Patient: Let's move on to treatment. What should patients with back pain do? What should their doctors do?

Zak: Deep and intensive acupuncture,which can lead to circulation better and less inflammation,then pain will go away. According to the theory about this soft tissue diseases and Chinese medicine thoery:”The pressure pain point was selected as needled point", Deeply needling with many needles to reach the bone and tendon at surroundings of the joint of lesion was adopted and the mechanism of deeply and Intensive needle therapy in treatment of soft tissue diseases was investigated. RESULTS: This therapy had functions of dredging channels, activating blood circulation and alleviating pain, relaxing muscles and tendons, and promoting activity of joints, which were stronger and lasted longer timeas compared with general simple acupuncture. Particularly, it had obvious analgesic effect on pain syndrome induced by chronic refractory soft tissue diseases. It is indicated that the mechanism is mainly eliminating aseptic inflammation, increasing local blood supply, relaxing muscular spasm, so as to stop pain caused by inflammation, ischemia and spasm. In deeply acupuncture, long, fine needles are placed on the back to achieve the desired therapeutic effects on deep parts of the lower back. This technique has yielded outstanding results for thousands of patients in China, and has become recognized worldwide as one of the most effective methods for the treatment of a wide variety of difficult-to-manage pain conditions and this technique has been very popular in China.

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