Most of acupuncturist know that One common method of abortion is simply to use strong acupuncture point stimulation of San Yin Chiao (SP6) in conjunction with He Gu (LI4).But,What is truth about forbidden points?

To determine if acupuncture in LI4 and SP6, or in sacral points could harm the pregnancy outcome in Wistar rats as is believed according to traditional knowledge,Universidade Federal de São Paulo has done a research about this.Their 48 pregnant Wistar rats were randomly divided into 4 groups: total control where the rats were left in cages without manipulation; anesthetized control where the rats were manipulated and anesthetized but did not received electroacupuncture; peripheral points and sacral points were the rats were anesthetized and received 4 acupuncture points - LI4-SP6 and BL27-28, respectively.......

They found : There are no evidence that acupuncture in LI4-SP6 and sacral points could be harmful to the pregnancy outcome in Wistar rats.[1]

So,Is forbidden points fiction? What's your experience?

Traditional forbidden points as follow
LI 4 Needle during pregnancy
ST 25 Needle during pregnancy
SP 2 Moxa during and shortly after pregnancy
SP 6 Pregnancy
BL 60 Needle during pregnancy
BL 62 Moxa
BL 67 Needle during pregnancy
GB 21 Needle heart problems or in pregnancy
CV 4 Needle or moxa during pregnancy
CV 5 Needle or moxa in female patient
CV 11 Moxa during pregnancy
Reference:Guerreiro da Silva AV, Nakamura MU, Cordeiro JA, Guerreiro da Silva JB, Mendes GE, Burdmann EA Forsch Komplementmed. 2011;18(1):10-4