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Anti-social behaviour is behaviour that lacks consideration for others and that may cause damage to society, whether intentionally or through negligence, as opposed to pro-social behaviour, behaviour that helps or benefits society.Criminal and civil laws in various countries offer remedies for anti-social behaviour.ASBO is a civil order made against a person who has been shown, on the balance of evidence, to have engaged in anti-social behaviour in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Can acupuncture help with this problem? Here is interesting case from Mail....

Sonny Grainger, 14, is notorious in his Hull......
was just 12 when he was given an Asbo.

Now the Hull Youth Justice Service has agreed to pay for a course of 45-minute acupuncture sessions costing around 40 each to try to calm him down.

His mother, Nadine West, 40, says the holistic approach is showing signs of working, but admits he remains a menace to neighbours and passers-by - and has urged police to be tougher on her son.

She said: 'Sonny loves the acupuncture. He is definitely a lot calmer when he walks out after the sessions, but he is still a menace.

So, Do you think acupuncture helps? What acupuncture can help with:

Improve focus and attention
Manage moods
Reduce fidgeting
Lower hyperactivity
Augment mood management techniques
Enhance concentration