According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, fewer men are diagnosed with depression than women, but they seem to suffer depression just as often and are less likely to seek help.

"Men won't admit there is a problem. It helps when people like Stephen Fry say they have had a problem and show that they have got through it.” Men are about three times more likely to kill themselves than women. There are also concerns that men are more likely to try to "self-medicate” with drugs and alcohol to cope with their depression.

Psychiatrists have also warned that depression may rise among men, as economic and social changes will erode traditional sources of male self-esteem,according to Telegraph.

Why don't those people see acupuncturists?

An Australian review of many complementary and alternative treatments studies, some of which are mentioned above, concludes that acupuncture appears promising as a treatment for depression, but requires further research.” Three Chinese studies reported that electro-acupuncture produced the same effects as certain anti-depressant drugs and had no side effects. United Kingdom researchers reviewed the existing literature and suggest that electro-acupuncture warrants further trials. Stanford researchers, using a small sample of 61 pregnant women, found that those who were given acupuncture treatments had significantly fewer depressive symptoms. The researchers conclude that "acupuncture holds promise for treatment of depression during pregnancy,” and may help with the long term management of depression.

Depression symptoms in men often go unrecognized because of their tough images. However, the fact remains that depression is as much a reality for men as it is for women.Recently, I've been treating a lot of men who are under stress.After treatment, they feel more relaxed and able to deal with the pressures of life.