According to Reuters Health - Acupuncture may help some women conceive through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), a new analysis of past research concludes. But the true benefit in the real world, if any, remains unclear.

Dr. Frederick Licciardi, who heads the New York University Fertility Center's mind/body program said: No one yet knows if acupuncture can really make a difference in IVF success. But if a woman wants to try it simply to feel better or de-stress, there would be little harm.

"If acupuncture helps you feel well, if it helps you get through the IVF (process), then great," Licciardi said.

As for why acupuncture would help a woman get pregnant with IVF, no one is sure of that either.

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Half of infertile women find their GP unsympathetic about their situation or ignorant about their condition and what services are available that might help them fulfil their desire to have a child, a survey has shown.The leader of Britain's family doctors said the findings were "surprising and worrying" and the profession should do more to help patients who were suffering what she called "a hidden pain"

Acupuncture doesn’t seem to help with the desired outcome of pregnancy, so imbuing women with a false sense of hope seems the wrong way to go about reducing stress. There are wonderful mind-body techniques to lower anxiety and so infertility providers are better off steering patients to more evidence based (and less expensive) practices than jumping on the we-offer-acupuncture-so-come-to-our-clinic bandwagon.

Current medical evidence suggests acupuncture does not improve pregnancy rates. Offering it outside of a well-designed, prospective, large clinical trial seems unjustified and women seeking infertility therapy could probably use the money and hope they were planning to spend on acupuncture elsewhere.

Here is interesting research from China:A 2010 study from China concurs. This study of one hundred and eighty two women undergoing IVF-ET (all under 38 years of age) were assessed for endometrial thickness, echo pattern and blood flow by ultrasonography eight hours before hCG administration. The women were divided into three groups: those with undetectable endometrial blood flow (A=10); those with sub-endometrial blood flow (B=82); and those with both endometrial and sub-endometrial blood flow (C=90). The women with evidence of both endometrial and sub-endometrial blood flow (group C) as identified by ultrasound had a far higher pregnancy and live fetus rate (62.2%) than group A which had no detectable endometrial blood flow (0%) and group B which had sub-endometrial blood flow only (17.1%). Group C also had a much higher implantation rate (33.2%) compared to group A (0%) and group B (19.9%). The researchers conclude that: "...patients with detectable endometrial blood flow had higher clinical pregnancy rates and implantation rates."

Someone said:Lots of stories about acupuncture working almost miracles yet the reality is it does not work. There have been very extensive trial and they have proved beyond doubt it does not work
You can give placebos to some people and they think it has helped them
It may help a woman get pregnant but that because it is all in the mind. After having needles stuck in them they want to believe it will work and are more relaxed when they do the deed or then again it can just be luck
There was that model recently that could not get pregnant and adopted a child. Shortly after she got pregnant probably because she was no longer worrying about trying to get pregnant