Germany has some 500,000 acupuncture doctors. Every year some 1.5 million patients visit acupuncture doctors to treat their pain, asthma, allergies, addictions, and many other acute or chronic diseases. Some 1,000 Chinese Medicine clinics are scattered throughout Germany.

"Many doctors and patients have had success with acupuncture and many successful individual applications of acupuncture have been recorded," said German Minister of Health Ulla Schmidt. She said her ministry would continue to offer help for acupuncture research and therapy in Germany.

Five big acupuncture research centers are now financed by the German government. German insurance companies spend some 600 million marks (260 million U.S. dollars) a year for acupuncture therapy. [1]

. In Germany acupuncture has been reimbursed by the state insurance system for chronic low back pain and osteoarthritis since 2007 and the estimated costs are between EUR 300-700 million annually. Acupuncture is offered by at least 12,000 medical doctors and acupuncture is mostly used for locomotive disorders.[2]
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