Many people struggle with how to find a acupuncturist who will help; how does one know who to see to get help when help is needed? While many avoid the issue by seeing a managed-care in-network recommendation, that often exacerbates the problem of finding a helpful acupuncturist because their concern is cost, not quality of care.

There are more than 2000 acupuncturists in the London, and it takes some expertise to navigate the acupuncturist world. A good acupuncturist should have the knowledge and expertise to acupuncture treatment that will result in better and longer lasting relationships.

The longevity of a relationship matters because when a patient and acupuncturist team work together for a long time, they most likely develop trust in each other which can help patients more.

It is a real challenge to pick the right acupuncturist is because there are actually no big differences between acupuncturists. All acupuncturists have pretty much the same basic needling and treatment. They all claim to have proprietary training, and they may have different clinic name for what they do.

Over recent years a new group of people calling themselves acupuncturists has come to the fore in the UK. These are the self named Medical Acupuncturists who are mainly doctors and nurses who have received very short courses - often as little as two weeks' training - who then go on to practice as if they are fully qualified acupuncturists.

Many of these practitioners know little or no acupuncture theory and they have reduced the skill of acupuncture to a mere "cook book" method. Not surprisingly, this has left many patients with a completely incorrect view of acupuncture and, still worse, when such simplistic treament methods fail to deliver good results, leave them with a feeling that acupuncture is useless.

A common blunder in our reviews is to choose an acupuncturist based on its “reputation”, which can be highly subjective.

Another common mistake is to choose an acupuncturist's location, and ignore its experience.

Due to how patients choose acupuncturists has not been studied,University of Southampton School of Medicine has done a new research to investigate how patients choose acupuncturists and to identify which factors might influence this choice.

Their methods: In the qualitative study, 35 acupuncture patients (recruited through maximum variation sampling from seven clinics and the community) participated in semistructured interviews about their acupuncture experiences. In the quantitative study, 73 participants imagined wanting to consult an acupuncturist for back pain. They rated 8 fictional acupuncturists; ratings were analyzed using analysis of covariance.

They found that patients wanted qualified, personable acupuncturists and valued recommendations from trusted others. Without such recommendations, potential patients preferred female acupuncturists and those with medical qualifications.

They conclude:Acupuncturists' trustworthiness and technical competence are important to (potential) patients; practitioner gender also influenced preferences. Patients need to be informed about proposals concerning statutory regulation in CAM and its implications; conventional practitioners might be able to better support their patients wanting to consult acupuncturists.

Find a reputable acupuncturist......Is word of mouth a only way?

Seeing is believing , that's very typical English proverb words

We all tend to believe stories more than facts. And when faced with the need to make a decision—to look for acupuncturist , we rely on our emotional beliefs about the good acupuncturist or not so good one.And our emotional beliefs come mostly from friend's experience and the stories we heard about it.If your friend tells you about a complication he suffered following one acupuncturist job , you will believe that acupuncturist is rubbish.We read about the "bad"story of some acupuncturists and decide we don’t want to visit he/she even though many other patients report show that the "bad stories"is far less than "good" stories

Sometimes the recommendations friend make are based on nothing more than their general judgment and a presumption that they know better than others .I’m not saying that you surrender your judgment to your acupuncturist. I’m saying that when deciding upon the best course of action to take, you need to critique your own thought process mercilessly.