There are many conditions could be treated by Jolts of electricity........The story from Dailymail today. Actually, it is just electro-acupuncture.Nothing is new.

Electrodes implanted in the neck send mild electrical pulses to the sensors, which in turn widen the blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.
In one study, University of Chicago researchers found a reduction of greater than 20 mmHg in 69 per cent of patients (normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHG).

Chinese researcher concluded that pulse width modulation electro-acupuncture on the ST 36 point prevents the progression of hypertension and diminishes the cardiovascular remodeling in SHR.

stimulating your scalp with electricity could help you lose weight. Scientists at the U.S. National Institutes of Health have found that doing this over the area of the brain that controls fullness can reduce the amount people eat.

Chinese researcher found Electro-acupuncture has an effect against obesity in rats, which may be related to up-regulating obestatin expression in hypothalamus.

Cystitis affects 400,000 Britons and is notoriously difficult to treat.An implant that delivers electrical stimulation to the tail bone is being used to treat chronic (or interstitial) cystitis.

Japanese researcher found Sacral acupuncture could contribute to improve acetic acid-induced bladder irritation through inhibition of capsaicin-sensitive C-fiber activation.

Delivering mild electrical impulses to leg muscles for an hour a day strengthens muscles and speeds up blood flow in patients with heart failure, according to new research.

US researcher found That patient with a total artificial heart was successfully treated with electro-acupuncture for inflammatory arthritis without any adverse events.

Early studies show it triggers nerve activity in the brain that acts to ‘distract’ it from the ringing noise. The treatment is undergoing clinical trials at University Hospital Antwerp.

Chinese researcher found that electro-acupuncture help tinnitus.

Etc,etc......diabetes, asthma, facial pain ....... Electro-acupuncture could help!