A doctor has warned that the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers is causing more and more people to suffer from chronic back pain. The association conducted an online poll, and found that almost all of the 1,500 respondents suffered from back problems.

Whether it is a fake or the real form of acupuncture, research carried out by German doctors found out that this form of therapy can significantly reduce cases of lower back ache. The result showed that the effect of acupuncture was almost effective as the use physiotherapy, drugs and exercises. Both acupuncture and sham acupuncture carried in 1,100 people showed that patients were relieved of symptoms associated with back pains.The research has shown that it is a good idea to keep active, rather than rest. This is especially true in the earlier stages of back pain. Anyone who is suffering from this condition should seek health care immediately so the problem can be sorted out as soon as possible.

Doctor said that a lot of the respondents know that they spend too much time on computers, phones and tablets, but only two out of ten consult a doctor.