A new appointment scheduling website called Zak acupuncture appointment, allows you to make an appointment with acupuncturist of Zak acupuncture clinic assuming he or she participates in the service. You can book an appointment directly on the website, without the delay associated with calling the office directly. An email confirmation is sent to you right away.

Another option or resource to obtain answers to your acupuncture treatment questions when you can’t reach your acupuncturist is to consult with an acupuncture blog. Zak acupuncture case studies is to help you answer your acupuncture questions, and find the best acupuncturist in your area who you could potentially manage your health.It is excellent resources for consumers who want quick, reliable and updated acupuncture information.

Zak Acupuncture Case Studies and Forums is an info weblog dedicated to reporting evidence-based studies and research on Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).Zak hope to stands out as an independent, trustable, and credible source of information and his humble effort of building an info blog based on evidence-based Chinese medical studies could benefit people in the long term.

When Zak first started blogging in 2006, he didn't think anybody was interested in what he had to say. At the time, only a few acupuncturists were blogging and he mostly wrote commentary about current acupuncture research and case studies.But all that changed when he receive a lots of email from patients.At that moment, Zak says he realized blogging was a great tool to connect with patients.Zak says the main purpose of his website is for education purposes. Zak says acupuncturist have little influence over healthcare industry , so it's important for acupuncturist to help patients understand what acupuncturist deal with. The site receives about 1000 visits each day.Even he puts a lot of time into social media presence, but says it's been worthwhile.

Zak says. "I've gotten opportunities to connect to the mainstream media, such as Dailymail,Bristol Radio—opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise," Zak says. He says acupuncturists on social media can help bridge the gap between the TCM community and the public.

Now Zak become Most influential acupuncture twitter in the world,according to Wefollow.


Finding a acupuncturist

What should you look for in an acupuncturist.

Above all, someone you feel you can see .

You can seek references from friends or relatives who’ve had positive experiences in acupuncture or from your primary-care physician. If you are dealing with a specific medical condition, your specialist may know therapists experienced with helping similar patients. You can also consult a local university department of acupuncture or use ATCM Locator Service.

But contrary to popular belief, you won’t necessarily have more success with a therapist who’s the same gender as you are. Acupuncturist in private practice will often allow you to have a brief, introductory talk without charge, perhaps for 15 minutes. It’s not unlike meeting a blind date for a cup of coffee before deciding to go out for dinner, And just as you seek a good fit, the acupuncturist will try to judge if he or she has sufficient expertise in your area of need to be of help.

Acupuncture isn’t for everyone.Some people don’t feel strong enough to deal with the issues. The research is clear: Nobody makes changes unless they really want to.”