I found doctor's letter from newspaper(guardian), I'd like to share with you,,,,,,,

I am a junior doctor completely opposed to the industrial action scheduled for 21 June (Report, 31 May). While I agree with the BMA that the proposed changes to pensions are technically unfair, I doubt the public will see it that way, when most doctors will continue to enjoy a retirement income that is double the average working wage. Had doctors decided to strike against Andrew Lansley's health reforms, they would have been perceived as acting in their patients' best interests and may even have landed a devastating blow against a bill that will ensure the dismantling of the NHS within a generation. They will lose this fight and tarnish their reputation.
Dr Robert Hadman
Oldham, Lancashire

Good doctor! Put your patients first, well done.

Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, is to write to the British Medical Assocation urging doctors not to put patients at risk when they embark on their first industrial action since 1975.