A review of research on endurance exercise conducted by a team at the respected Mayo Clinic in Rochester, America, found extreme endurance exercise such as marathons, iron man distance triathlons, and very long distance bicycle races may cause structural changes to the heart and large arteries.

Can acupuncture do some help for your heart conditions?

New research from the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience shows that acupuncture controls the heart rate and increases the strength of cardiac autonomic function. This new research indicates that the use of specific acupuncture points may help to prevent heart attacks (myocardial infarctions) and arrhythmias. This new research shows that the application of acupuncture to CV17 increases the power of the high-frequency component of HRV and simultaneously is able to lower the heart rate. Since acupuncture at CV17 increases the cardiac vagal component of HRV (heart rate variability), it may be an important acupuncture point for patients recovering from MI.

From Chinese medicine, Inflammatory conditions reflect an excess of qi ; however, dull pains on the chest are indicative of a deficiency of qi . This probably mirrors the evolution of coronary heart disease from an early stage when it is highly inflammatory to a chronic, late stage where there is more dull aching. The treatment of course has to be appropriate for each stage. So the clinician must examine you to determine the stage in order to use the appropriate acupuncture points. However, coronary heart disease can be helped.

Does Acupuncture Affect Heart Rate Variability?Ancient Chinese physicians examined the pulse of the patient's radial artery as a part of their diagnostic procedure. Through interpretation of the pulse the physician could get access to knowledge, somehow tacit, in terms understood then as the primary disharmonies in patients.The researchers found that acupuncture caused a 41 percent reduction in the standard deviation of HRV. Furthermore, acupuncture reduced variability without altering either the heart rate or the low to high frequency ratio. According to the study authors, this suggests that acupuncture may alter the functioning of the human body.

Chinese Hubei University of Chinese Medicine has done a research about this.Their study investigates the effects of EA on the signaling pathways of myocardial hypertrophy (MH) in rats.The myocardial hypertrophy indices (MHIs), electrocardiograph (ECG), ultrastructure observation, levels of plasma angiotensin II (Ang II) and endothelin (ET), as well as protein expression of extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK), and phosphorylation extracellular signal regulating kinase (p-ERK) in the left ventricular myocardial tissue were measured.Their results indicated that EA can improve cardiac function in MH rats by modulating upstream neuroendocrine cytokines that regulate the ERK signaling pathways.

Research group at the department of cardiology at Heidelberg University Hospital has found Acupuncture have no improvement in cardiac ejection fraction or peak oxygen uptake was seen. But the six minute walk distance was ‘remarkably increased’ in the acupuncture group by 32m on average, compared to a drop of 1m in the placebo group.There are 17 patients with congestive heart failure with mild or marked limitation to their activity- all on optimised medication.They were randomised to receive acupuncture or placebo.

Research for a safe treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the greatest challenges today, therefore recent news from the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston about testing the Absorb, a stent for coronary artery that dissolves within the body over time, or another from the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, that needling two specific acupuncture points causes significant improvements in patients with CHD, get worldwide attention. However, Dr. Allen’s Device for Heart Treatment is just what people need to improve the heart condition, protecting from ischemic cardiac disease development and progression, Fine Treatment reveals.

So, acupuncture could help in many different way.