According NHS Choice:

The news comes after experts debated the safety and effectiveness of spinal manipulation for neck pain in the pages of the British Medical Journal. The debate featured academics, some of whom said that spinal manipulation should be abandoned as a treatment for neck pain, and some who disagreed saying that it is a valid treatment that patients like.

The media predominantly covered the argument against spinal manipulation. Academics argued that the procedure carries a small risk of a very rare, but catastrophic, type of stroke, which results from a bleed at the base of the brain. They considered that when these safety concerns are coupled with the fact that it is not superior to other treatments, spinal manipulation is unnecessary and inadvisable.

However, the academics who defended spinal manipulation considered it a valuable addition to patient care. They argued that while there are benefits and harms with all treatments - including medications, exercise, mobilisation and manipulation for neck pain - there is “no clear winner” when it comes to the effect on patients’ overall quality of life.

Why are so many people not happy for media repot? Obviously they are .... ..........